Due to a couple of factors related to global events, I'm choosing to not have a public event this year.

Yes, October is several months away and we all hope things will be some semblance of what we once called normal by then but at this stage, that's no guarantee. Combine that with the amount of time in advance necessary to collect the films, select the artists, choose the films, assign the artists and give them time to create the art. The conclusion is that it's not practical or fair to the filmmakers, artists, venues and audience to arrange an event only to potentially have to cancel everything and allow the effort to go unseen.

However, it's still our 5th anniversary and we don't want to do nothing! I'm currently looking into options for some sort digital event. Most likely a live stream situation but hopefully, in some way, hosted through a means that can still benefit the artists, filmmakers and venues while also being fun for an audience. After all, this whole thing is inspired by a tv series anyway, why not go a step further in emulating that?

As I continue to look into options, feel free to shout out any ideas or suggestions. And, of course, I'll update everything once a plan is in place.

Stay safe and pop on some classic Night Gallery episodes to pass the time!

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